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  1. Barrington 10 Player Poker Table
  2. Barrington Solid Wood Poker Table
  3. Barrington Poker Table Clearance
  4. Barrington Poker Table Reviews
  5. Barrington Premium Solid Wood Poker Table
  • Heritage 2 in 1 Game Set

    Invite friends and family over for game night with this 54' Heritage 3 in 1 game set. This combo converts easily from a dining table, to an eight player poker table with the flip of the top. The Heritage Game Set includes four matching chairs with cushioned black vinyl seats, the modern crafted table set ensures everyone stays comfortable. Available in four finish options: Onyx, Black Cherry, Nutmeg & Port.
    • Set Includes: Game Table, four(4) game chairs
    • Assembled Game Table: 54'x 31'H
    • Game Table Weight: Top-155 lbs, Base-48 lbs
    • Assembled Game Chair: 19' x 23' x 39'H
    • Game Chair Weight: 24 lbs
    • Finish Options: Onyx, Black Cherry, Nutmeg and Port Fabric Options:
    • Black Faux Vinyl
    • Features: 2 in 1 game set-Bumper Pool, Poker & Dining
  • PineCrest Counter Game Dining

    Flip over game table with 8MM solid pine top table with solid pine wood trim with sharp geometrical base with levelers.
    • Game Table 52' x 52' x 36'
    • Spectator Counter Stool 22' x 23' x 42'
  • Fat Cat Texas Hold' Em Poker Table

    The green cloth playing surface is comfortable and level, and prevents chips and cards from unwanted shifting. The rail is cushioned for extra comfort, and also incorporates 10 built-in drink holders. The table's legs are collapsible, and the center of the table folds for easier storage. Overall, the table measures 83-1/2' long and provides plenty of surface area for any poker game. Features Gross Weight: 56 lbs. Net Weight: 47 lbs. Casino grade felt Metal legs with reinforced platform for strength & lightweight convenience Elegant water-resistant cushioned rail with 10 drink holders Revolutionary table lock suspension for the most stable playing table on the market. Accessories Products Not Included.
  • Fat Cat Oval Folding Table Top

    In an instant, the Oval Tri-Fold Poker Table Top turns just about any flat surface into a poker table. This oval tri-folding top features an extra thick water-resistant cushioined rail with 10 built-in drink holders. If you are caught in the middle between not wanting to store a larger poker table but wanting something nicer than the less expensive octagon style tops than this is the poker top for you! Features Gross Weight: 34 lbs. Net Weight: 27 lbs. Extra thick cushioned rail with 10 built-in drink holders Trifold table easily unfolds and lies flat on any surface Durable strap with heavy duty snaps, secures the top for easy transportation and dust free storage. Accessories Products Not Included.
  • Poker Table

    Start up a game of cards anytime and anywhere. The Poker/Blackjack Top offers the perfect playing surface for a game of poker or blackjack. Its 8 built-in drink and chip holders makes this table ideal for big games. The green felt surface adds a touch of class and professionalism to your poker night. The top folds and is easy to store so that it can be tucked away when your game is over. The Poker/Blackjack Top is the perfect addition to your poker set. Features Gross Weight: 15 lbs. Net Weight: 14 lbs. Vinyl padded base Folds in half for easy storage Convenient carrying case for transportation and dust free storage Seats 8 with individual built-in poker chip and drink holders Constructed of solid wood with high quality felt.
  • Texas Hold' Em 500 Count Chip Set

    This Fat Cat Hold'em Dealer poker chip set includes everything you need to keep the games flowing. The Hold'em Dealer set comes with 500 11.5-gram striped dice chips--150 white chips, 150 Red chips, 100 blue chips, 50 green chips, and 50 black chips--along with a lockable silver aluminum case that holds everything in a single convenient location. Also stored in the case are a pair of card decks and three buttons: big blind, little blind, and dealer. The set makes a handy accessory whether you're hosting a game at your place or heading to a friend's house for some poker action. Features Silver aluminum case 2 decks of cards 1 set of game buttons Accessories 150 Red chips 150 White chips 100 Blue chips 50 Black chips 50 Green chips.
  • Four Deck Card Shoe

    Deal out your favorite home casino games with the acrylic 4 deck card shoe.
  • Playing Cards

    Standard casino size playing cards. Red and Blue.

Barrington Poker Table The Barrington is fitted with a high-quality felt, along with specific spots for Texas Hold ‘Em cards. The lettering on the table is nicely printed and not raised, letting. The table is made from 1/2 inch wood and covered with a professional style green felt. It is a FULL SIZE 80' x 36' table top which fits very nicely onto a card table or any kitchen table and instantly transforms it into a poker table. Barrington Premium Solid Wood Poker Table for Board Games, Card Games and Casino Games, Brown/Blue Walmart USA on sale for $499.97 original price $499.99 $ 499.97 $499.99.


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When it comes to poker accessories, a poker table to play on at home is a must for any poker enthusiast. In this article, I will take you through all of your poker table options, from portable inexpensive tabletop mats and folding tables to professional high-end choices. Whether you want an 8 or 10 person table, octagon, round, or oval, no matter your budget, I will help you find the perfect solution to your home game poker needs.

When choosing a poker table for your home poker or game room, you have 4 basic options at varying price points.

  1. Roll Up Poker Mats
    Perfect for a sporadic casual game among close friends, especially where poker is a secondary part of the fun. Here is my favorite portable poker mat, found on Amazon.
  2. Foldable Table Toppers
    Folding poker tables are a great option if you are serious about poker but on a budget. These still look amazing and sit on top of any table, dining room, or otherwise. If you’ve ever played pub poker, this is what they almost always universally use. My favorite topper is the Gigantex Folding Table Top.
  3. Collapsible Poker Tables
    If you have either a dedicated space for poker or just room in your living room, collapsible poker tables with legs are the most popular option for home game hosts. These tables tuck conveniently away in the garage and can be brought out and set up very quickly. My favorite one is the Barrington Oval Poker Table.
  4. Permanent Professional Poker Tables
    For serious players who want to furnish a full-size poker room in their house, high-end permanent poker tables are the best choice. Check out this solid wood poker table (Click to see on Amazon), it comes with a cool dealer station.

Option #1: Roll Up Poker Table Mats

Poker mats are typically made of either cloth or rubber and are basically just a rolled up felt that is used as a table top cover. They usually come with a compact carrying case, ready to be stored or conveniently taken any location you choose. To use, you simply unroll them onto your dining table and voila, poker time.

#1: GSE Games 70″ x 35″ Portable Table Top

This mat is my favorite mainly due to the fact that it comes in several colors and is big enough to hold up to 7 or 8 players comfortably. I really like the classy look and prefer just having one ring around the outside without the fancy bells and whistles designs that many models come from. It also comes with a nice carrying case.

#2: Gameland Oval Portable Poker Table Mat

If you are looking for a mat that has a bit fancier look then this one is for you. It has a nice “felt” design and slots to place Texas Hold’em community cards. This mat also comes with a handy carrying case.

#3: Da Vinci Rectangle 2-Sided Poker & Blackjack Mat

If you also like to play Blackjack then you will love this mat. Just flip it over and you have your own personal Blackjack table. However, while this is one of the least expensive mats you can find it is also one has durability issues.

Option #2: Folding Poker Table Toppers

Folding poker table tops usually look like traditional card tables in that they typically have raised arm rests and cup holders. However, unlike regular poker tables, there are no legs on this next step up from poker mats. I recommend these to anyone who is on a budget but still wants to offer their playing buddies the look of a real poker casino table. Poker table toppers typically come in either octagon or oval shaped.

#1: Gigantex Oval Folding Poker Table Top

This attractive design is as about as good as it gets for folding poker tables. It is big enough to seat 8 people, has a solid durable construction, and folds up for easy portability.

#2: Homcom Octagon Foldable Poker Table Top

If you play in a small poker game or want a topper for a round table, this model fits the bill perfectly. It is heavy duty and very durable. I really like the plastic trays with cup holders that help mitigate spills. If you have a game with 6 players or less, this is a great option.

#3: Fat Cat Tri-Fold Poker Table Top

If you prefer a poker table topper that has a defined padded rail you will like the Fat Cat tri-fold table. It is also much larger than most other table toppers and will comfortably seat 8 or 9 players.

Option #3: Folding Poker Tables (With Legs)

This is the most common table that most folks purchase. The construction is generally similar to that of folding poker table toppers, they just have legs added on. However, there is a wide range in construction and sturdiness across a wide spectrum of price points. My goal is to help you sort through the madness and provide recommendations across a broad array of choices.

#1: Barrington Oval Folding Poker Table


This table has it all: Durable construction, compact storage, padded rails, and a really attractive design. It’s like having a professional permanent poker table without the high expense.

#2: Texas Holdem Folding Speed Cloth Poker Table

I just can’t get over how nice this poker table looks. If you have a small home game, this is the perfect table to impress your buddies. A huge bonus is the stainless cup holders and the speed cloth (spill-proof).

The materials are casino quality and you can expect this item to last for a long time. It’s basically a permanent quality table that happens to have folding legs.

#3: Polar Aurora Oval Folding Poker Table

If you are on a budget but don’t like poker mats, then the Polar Aurora is a great option. It has a plain look to it but is highly functional with its solid metal construction.

It seats 8 players (6 very comfortably), is made with solid wood, and has steel legs. There are 8 cup holders and padded armrests as well. I really like this foldable table and it would likely fill the needs of most everyone.

Option #4: High-Quality Permanent Poker Tables

If you have a dedicated game room and want your poker table ready to go anytime, you have a wide array of options. I realize that a large purchase like this will not typically be made on a whim. You will likely spend some time doing some research before you decide on which type and mode you ultimately choose. To that end, I will offer a few suggestions at several price points to help you on your way to a decision.

#1: Solid Wood Poker Table With Dealer Station

If you want your home game to have a professional setup, this is the best table for the money. It has a casino-style design with a dealer station and toke box (for tips). It also comes with speed cloth and stainless cup holders. Make sure you have a lot of room because this thing is huge!

#2: Elite Poker Table With Dining Top

If you are looking for a higher-end model then this elite poker table offers a solid oak construction with a black finish. It doubles as a dining room tables as well.

This is a 10 person “racetrack” table. It has a solid oak claw pedestal, black finish, and all the other bells and whistles you would expect at this price point. I can’t get over how awesome the black finish looks.

#3: Ultimate Poker Table (Folding)

With this table, you get the best of both worlds. It has a high-quality construction and looks like a permanent table but has legs that fold under for storage. It even has a dealer station for your high stakes games.

#4: Luxury Poker Table (With Chairs)

With this Permanent Luxury Poker Table with Chairs. With thistable, you get the best of both worlds. It has a high-quality construction and looks like a permanent table but has legs that fold under for storage.

It has both traditional and contemporary design elements and would fit in almost any decor. It actually would make a great conference room table as you can choose either dining or lounge chairs.

Other Considerations

Before purchasing the poker table of your choice, make sure that it fits your needs as closely as possible. Here are a 5 things to consider.

  1. Does the table fit well in the space allocated?
    There’s no sense in buying a giant luxury poker table if you can’t even get it through the front door of your 600 square foot condo. You are much better off just using your current dining room table and a poker table mat. However, if you live in a 9000 square foot mansion with a million dollars of antique furniture, rolling out a rubber casino in front of your friends just won’t do.
  2. Will the table match the expectations of your poker friends?
    This ties into my first point. If “the guys” or “gals” are expecting a regular poker night that lasts for years, you will want to invest in a solution that matches that expectation. Even so, you still don’t have to break the bank when creating your poker atmosphere for your buddies. Any perceived “cheapness” you’ve put into the equipment will soon be forgotten if you break out the favorite beer or snack foods of your poker compatriots.
  3. Is the table big enough to accommodate your regular players?
    Check the number of seats a poker table will accommodate, before purchasing. For most small games, this isn’t typically an issue, since it’s usually just 4-6 friends. Almost every table I have recommended will fit the bill for this scenario. Just remember that for bigger events, you will need to comfortably fit everyone. If you jam Frances up against a wall, stuck between a counter and a trash can, don’t expect to see her next week. Remember, no one puts baby in a corner. (sorry bad movie reference, couldn’t resist)
  4. Does your table of choice fit into your budget?
    If you have set aside $200 to buy all of your poker night needs and then splurge on a $180 poker table as your first purchase, $20 doesn’t leave a whole lot of room to buy everything else you need. While the table is important, so is poker chips and playing cards.
  5. Do you plan to play when on vacation?
    If you have a family poker night, then you will want to strongly consider a foldable poker table that travels well. Or, just buy two tables; a permanent one your main home table and folding or roll-up one for vacations.

About Poker Table Felt

While the design of the table is the most important factor in choosing the right poker table, the type of felt that covers the surface is also something to take into account. Basically, there are two predominant options available for poker table felt, standard felt and speed cloth.

  • Standard Felt (Made of Micro Suede or Velveteen)
    This is the standard option on the vast majority of poker tables, especially those on the lower end of the price spectrum. The surface has a roughness to it and sometimes it is difficult to get the cards to slide where you want them to while dealing. This is the cheapest surface and should be fine for the vast majority of players. However, some folks like a slight upgrade to a more “professional” surface.
  • Speed Cloth (Typically made of polyester)
    Discerning players and many professional poker players prefer their playing surface to be a bit faster than standard felt can satisfy. Enter speed cloth. Made of a very smooth type of polyester, you will have no problem getting the cards to slide from one end of the table to another while dealing. In fact, players not used to the surface may complain that the cards are sliding off the table too much. Most poker tables do not come standard with speed cloth, it is typically an upgrade that some companies offer if you want to pay for the option. A few of the tables in this guide do offer speed cloth as an option, be sure to check before you purchase.

Barrington 10 Player Poker Table

Personally, I prefer speed cloth, but only for higher end tables. I would much rather adjust to a fast surface than a slow one. Even so, most folding or portable poker tables are compact enough that it doesn’t really matter one way or the other.

Honestly, the type of “felt” on your poker table is a really tiny concern for the vast majority of players out there. Unless you are a professional or play for thousands of dollars every poker night, no one is likely ever to care about what surface your table as (assuming it isn’t soiled, torn and nasty).

Additional Poker Accessories & Essentials

Now that you have tackled the biggest ticket item for your home game, you may need to buy a few more essentials to get ready for your home game. Speaking of which, I wrote an informative article on the 10 keys to hosting the perfect poker night, be sure to check it out. I cover everything you need to do to be a great poker host.

Also, get some really nice playing cards and good quality poker chips, they can make or break a poker night. My personal favorite is Copag, what’s yours? Here are a few more considerations for you to think about:

Barrington Solid Wood Poker Table

  • Decorating your poker room
  • Finding players
  • Providing appropriate food & for your guests
  • Choosing a game format
  • Security (for you high rollers out there)

Barrington Poker Table Clearance


Barrington Poker Table Reviews

If you are looking for a short-term solution but want to upgrade at some point, I suggest going with the cheapest poker mat possible and then spending some time deciding what permanent setup you want. Or, if you just want a safe bet that will last you many years, just go with what I feel is the safest bet, the folding 8-person Polar Aurora. It is a fine table that is a perfect balance between portability and permanent options. I love the way it looks and how it folds in half for easy storage.

Blackjack betting strategy

Barrington Premium Solid Wood Poker Table

From cheap, portable, rolled up cloth mats, to high-end luxury professional models, I hope to have given you a good review of the best poker table options there are out there and an idea of how much each type costs. If you found this article informative, be sure to browse the resources section of our site, and let us know if there is a subject you would like addressed in the comments below. Also, feel free to browse our site to learn more about poker strategy. Thanks for stopping by!