Casino Persona 1

1 persona mas a rekuperá di Covid-19 i 8 persona ku a tèst pa Covid-19 a haña resultado negativo.

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No tin niun kaso nobo di Covid-19 ku a bini aserka.

Riba 8 di desèmber 2020 tin 2 kaso aktivo di Covid-19 na Boneiru.

Tin 141 persona ku a rekuperá i no tin ningun persona hospitalisá pa motibu di Covid-19.

Bo tin keintura, doló di garganta òf kualke otro síntoma relatá na Covid-19? Keda bo kas i yama 0800-0800.

Mantené e instrukshonnan di higiena. Kome salú, drumi sufisiente i move regular pa hisa bo resistensia. Kuida bo mes i esnan rondó di bo.

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Nog 1 persoon is hersteld van Covid-19 en 8 mensen zijn negatief getest op Covid-19.

Er zijn geen nieuwe positieve gevallen van Covid-19 bijgekomen.

Op 8 december zijn er 2 actieve gevallen van Covid-19 op Bonaire.

141 personen zijn hersteld en er zijn geen ziekenhuisopnamen.

Heb je verhoging, keelpijn of andere klachten die wijzen op Covid-19? Blijf thuis en bel 0800-0800.

Houd je aan de hygiëne instructies. Eet gezond, blijf in beweging en slaap voldoende. Zorg goed voor jezelf en de mensen om je heen.

#PreveníCorona #coronaBonaire #coronaBoneiru


1 more person has recovered from Covid-19 and 8 persons have tested negative.

There are no additional positive cases of Covid-19.

On December 8th there are 2 active cases of Covid-19 on Bonaire.

Gateway casino buffet. 141 persons have recovered and no people are admitted in hospital.

Do you have a fever, sore throat or other complaints related to Covid-19? Stay at home and call 0800-0800.

Maintain the hygiene instructions. Eat healthy, exercise and get enough sleep. Take care of yourself and the people around you.

#PreveníCorona #coronaBonaire #coronaBoneiru

PS Vita, PSP
Fantasy Violence
Partial Nudity
Simulated Gambling
Suggestive Themes

Persona 1 Casino

Casino Persona 1

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This is a role-playing game (RPG) in which players assume the role of high school students that battle demons in their hometown. Players traverse through dungeons, negotiate with enemies, and enter turn-based battles with an assortment of demons, zombies, spirits, and slimes. Players can use conventional weapons (e.g., swords, spears, and firearms) or summon demons called 'Personas' to perform magic spells against enemies. There are a number of demons/characters in the game that appear sexually suggestive: A silver-skinned demon's breasts are exposed; a phallic-shaped demon bursts out of a character's stomach; butterfly and spider creatures briefly expose portions of their buttocks. In one sequence, a character attempts to seduce another person by saying, 'Oooh, my chest is sore . . . Maybe if you gave it a little rub . . .' During the course of the game, players can enter a casino and wager virtual money on games of video Blackjack, slots, and poker. Profanity (e.g., 'sh*t,' 'a*shole,' and 'd*ckweed') occasionally appears in the dialogue.