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Hi I've been trying to make a manifesto of madness macro for a few days but it hasn't been working for me..

This macro will let you use your lower slot trinket. #showtooltip /use 14 Death Knight Macros Asphyxiate Macro. Without pressing any key modifier, this macro will Asphyxiate your current target. While pressing the alt modifier it will Asphyxiate your focus target. #showtooltip /cast mod:alt, @focus Asphyxiate; Asphyxiate Chains of Ice Macro. Macro Trinket Slot including slots with variants of classic 3-reel as well as modern 5-reel video slots, most of them packed with in-game bonus features. Black jack online spielen kostenlos. There Macro Trinket Slot are also progressive jackpot online and mobile casino slots, where one lucky spin can land a Macro Trinket Slot.

I also tried the one Preheat linked but it didn't work for me after translating it to my client. (The french one).
The french macro :
  • Item slot Use Macro: Uses the Item slot, can be used for Trinkets, Rings or Engineering Enchants. #showtooltip 6 /use 6 Item slots: 1 - Head Slot 6 - Belt Slot 11 - Ring Slot 1 12 - Ring Slot 2 13 - Trinket Slot 1 14 - Trinket Slot 2 15 - Back Slot. Tricks of the Trade Macro.
  • /use 13 (top trinket slot in character pane, 14 is the bottom) jemaris. /use That on Use Trinket Or macro it with a cooldown spell /cast Tiger's Fury.
#showtooltip Combustion
/use Manifeste de la folie
Macro/cancelaura Manifeste de la folie : chapitre 1
/castsequence reset=30 Combustion, Explosion pyrotechnique, Explosion pyrotechnique
The only thing that doesn't work in this macro is the cancelaura everything else is working fine. :/

Macro Trinket Slot 1 Item

Macro Trinket Slot 1

Macro Use Trinket

If someone can help making this macro usable in french it would greatly help because i really like the french voices of the game.^^

Trinket Macros Classic Wow

Have a nice day.^^