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The newest MARINA online service has come into play only a year after its flagship online service, MISMO. Now, all SIRB or apparently SRB as they label it, will be under the MARINA SID/SRB System. For the sake of good order, this is the new seamans book online appointment.

This online service only caters the issuance and renewal of Seafarer’s Record Book (SRB). All applications via MISMO will not be accepted in this new platform.

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In this blog, we’re going to lay out step by step procedures in applying for your SRB.

Step 1: Make an Online Appointment

Applicants will create an online appointment at the MARINA SID/SRB System at Don’t know how? Click here for a complete toturial.

After setting up your online appointment, print the appointment and application forms. These forms will then be presented to MARINA evaluators on the date of the applicant’s appointment date.

Step 2: Go to selected MARINA Office for your appointment

Show your proof to the Guard on duty. Only those who have the appointment will be allowed inside the MARINA office.

Step 3: Submit Documents to Evaluator

Submit the printed appointment form and the original documents that you have uploaded in the MARINA SID/SRB System. The evaluator will verify the application and forms, the completeness and authenticity of the documents.

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Step 4: Payment

Once verification is complete, the applicant will receive an authority to accept payment or ATAP. After, the applicant will bring this form to the cashier where he/she pays the fees.

Step 5: Biometrics and Data Capturing

Present the official receipt to the Capturing and Biometric Environment and Cata Capture Module counter. Additionally, present the original documents. After capturing necessary data, review all information entry.

Step 6: Wait for Application Outcome

Del lago resort & casino events. After data capturing, wait for the result of the application approval and biometric checking. If the application is rejected or failed in biometric checking, the applicant will be notified by MARINA personnel.


In any case aside from that, he/she should wait for the SRB.

Step 7: Receive the SRB

Marina Slot Locator Online

Finally, receive your SRB from the releasing section. The issuance counter will call the name of the applicant and give the SRB.

Apply A.S.A.P.

Marina Slot Locator Tool

If you ever need to get a new SRB or renew it, then waste no time to book an appointment. The availability is more than a month away. Making it hard for you to get a slot right there and then.

Marina slot locator online

Marina Slot Locator Florida

That is the process of getting a seamans book using the new seamans book online appointment. This online system is a stand alone system. This does not integrate with MISMO. Thus, cannot be the same functions as MISMO. As of this writing, the SIRB function in MISMO has already been taken out.

Make sure that you apply as soon as you can. The slots are a month away from the current date due to many applications.

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