T Slot Aluminium Profiles Australia

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T slot aluminium profiles australia 2017

T-slot Sliders

  1. MayTec is a highly flexible aluminium framing and accessories system. With it we create the most functional, flexible, great looking and highly customisable products. Let’s collaborate to produce the perfect end product for your business.
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Simple sliding mechanisms that sit inside the aluminium profile groove. T-slot Sliders 5, 6 and 8 are able to rotate as well as slide along the groove, catering to lightweight applications where you need to allow for alignment errors.

The T-slot Slider 8 80×40 is a strong option with low wear and low friction, creating a gentle transfer from one place to another. It can operate in difficult conditions with dust and humidity.

T-slot Slider 5

T-slot Slider 6

T-slot Slider 8

T-slot Slider 8 80×40

T-slot Slider 8 80×40 with Slide Clamp

T Slot Aluminium Profile Australia

T-slot Rollers

Effective rollers for lightweight applications such as keyboard drawers.

T-slot Roller 8 F

T-slot Roller 8 L

T Slot Aluminium Profiles Australia

Slide Guide Strip

Mounted directly in the profile groove to create simple slide mechanisms. Alternatively, it can be screw-connected to aluminium profiles or to moving components.

The design is slightly offset to prevent the moving components from colliding with the fixed frame.

Slide Guide Strip 5/5e, black
Max. L = 2000mm

Slide Guide Strip 6/6e, black
Max. L = 2000mm

Slide Guide Strip 8/8e, black
Max. L = 2000mm

Telescopic Profiles

Easily construct mechanisms of variable length for changing the height or inclination of fixtures and equipment. Profile 6 30×30 must be used for the inner profile and Profile 6 fasteners can be utilised. The outer profile can be connected directly to a profile structure using a Profile 8 heavy duty hinge or alternative fastener depending on the application.

T Slot Aluminium Profiles Australia Gold Coast

Telescope Profile 8 40×40, natural
Max. L = 3000mm
Profile 6 30×30 light, natural
Max. L = 6000mm
Profile 6 30×30, natural
Max. L = 6000mm
Telescope Connection Set 8 40×40
Telescope Securing Set 8 40×40

T Slot Aluminium Profiles Australia Fires

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